Community Healing Gardens is a non-profit organization that launched in Venice, CA on June 13, 2015.  

We create urban gardens to provide sustainable, nutritious food to diverse and underserved communities.

We believe every corner with a patch of soil or some empty space has the potential to feed a community with nutrition, connection and love.

The food grown will be shared amongst the community and provide access to healthy and fresh food to children and others in need.


Our goal is to create organic gardens in schools throughout the L.A. Unified School District, to educate and introduce the importance of nutrition, health, food safety and environmental sustainability.

Our hope is this will lead to healthier food options in the lunchroom as well as nutritional programs, enterpreneurship skills and urban farm job training.

We have begun our pilot school program this summer at Edwin Markham Junior High School in Watts Los Angeles, building an urban farm on an acre of land with fruit trees and veggies.  Watts is 2.12 square miles and a known "food desert" 

We also built last school year a raised box garden at 61st Street Elementary School in South LA for the students, teachers and staff to grow with our support along the way. 

We currently work with a community center right here in the heart of Venice, The Vera Davis Center that takes care of the underserved children and their families  in our community.  

We have several non-profit partners that create programs with us ecspecially educational programs to incorporate the gardens we build into living classrooms.